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Signs Your Roof Needs Attention
Curling or crawling shingles
Shingles missing the protective granules or have bare spots 
Broken or missing shingles
Wavy, buckling shingles
Damage to flashing around skylights, chimneys, or plumbing pipes

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Energy-Efficient Roofing Systems

Using All top roofing manufacturers.
Ray keeps the “roof over your head” over your head!
Rotten wood replacement
Roof patching
Leak detection and repair
Weather damage repair
Flood coatings
Roof cleaning and restoration
Roof removals and reroofing
Roof inspections - FHA
Chimney repairs and replacement
Chimney metal flashing
Skylights installation and repair
Code violation correction
Ray’s offers high quality products and services:
Roof accessories
Business, school, and church roofs
Single-Ply roofing systems
Double locking roofing
Asphalt shingles
Slate, clay, tile, and shingle
Cedar shakes
Metal roofs and flat roofs
Siding, gutters, and downspouts
Apartment and condo roofs
Hot coats tar, asphalt, and gravel
Fiberglass shingles
Our Services
  1. Commercial Roof Replacement
    Commercial Roof Replacement
    All replacements are completed at the highest standards and comply with local code. Also covered under 8-year workmanship warranty.
  2. Residential Roof Replacement
    Residential Roof Replacement
    All replacements are completed at the highest standards and comply with local code. Also covered under 8-year workmanship warranty.
  3. Residential/Commercial Roof Repair
    Residential/Commercial Roof Repair
    All repairs are completed at the highest standards and comply with local code. Also covered under 2-year workmanship warranty.
What You Can Expect
Creative Solutions
We listen to what YOU want in a roof. Reguardless what your vision is, we will find a way to provide you the quality and efficiency we guarantee in the style you dream of. REMEMBER....We work for YOU!
We Are Professional
We maintain a professional appearance and demeanor. We provide you with a worry free process from start to finish. Our job is not finished until you are 100% sitisfied.
The Process
First you start with receiving a FREE estimate from Ray's Roofing. During the estimate, a FREE full inspection is performed to assess for any storm damage. We will suggest an insurance claim if storm damage is present. Why not pay your deductible instead of thousannds for a new roof? A price is then provided, and a contract is signed. Then, whether insurance or personally financed, we review different types of material and color with you, schedule a day, have material delivered, an install you new roof!
  1. Mebane Roof Repair
  2. Mebane Roofer
  3. Mebane Roofing Contractor
  4. Mebane Shingle Roof
  5. Mebane Metal Roof
  6. Mebane re roof
  7. Local Roofer
  8. Mebane commercial roofing
  9. Local commercial roofer
  10. Local Roofer
  11. Local residential roofer
  12. Mebane flat roof repair
  13. Mebane commercial roof repair
  14. mebane metal roof repair
  15. mebane shingle roof repair
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About Us
We all know roof repairs or replacements are never fun, but there should be no putting off the inevitable. With 35 years of experience, Ray's Roofing gets the job done promptly and professionally.
8-year workmanship warranty
Our 8-year workmanship warranty on all energy-efficient roofing system installations should provide the peace of mind you need when it comes to the roof over your head. And Ray’s roof maintenance program makes sure your building’s crown is completely covered.
A FREE estimate can get things going!
While you’re sitting there worrying about the leaks, a simple phone call should give you everything you need to get started. Take advantage of a FREE estimate on your repair or installation. Soon enough you’ll see our quality work on display at your property.
24-hour emergency services
If there’s any part of your home that requires immediate attention when in disrepair, it is your roof. That is why Ray’s Roofing is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your emergency call.
100% Satisfaction
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